“I’ve always taken care of everyone else and taken the easy, lazy way for myself.  I have now learned to pay attention to myself and what’s good for me.  Since being introduced to Ali, I have lost more than 20 pounds, am not using any asthma medication and have much less pain in many of my arthritic joints.  I am also much happier, have much more energy and a better outlook.   I have a long way to go, but I know I will get there, I have the confidence now and more knowledge and support from Ali to get me there.  Even when I slip, Ali is there to pick me up!” ~Mary R.

“Ali is spot on with designing the type of workout that I need, when I need it.  Her tailored workouts are challenging, varied, and fun to do.” ~Jules V.

“Ali makes me feel like I am listened to and taken care of. I am able to be completely honest, even with the not so good stuff. She’s the best.” ~Sheryl K.

Ali is motivating and knowledgeable, and has a deep desire to really help people. Having overcome her own health and weight issues, she has a real understanding of her clients’ struggles—you never feel guilty or ashamed when talking to her.  ~Tracy M.

“Ali Odin is an exceptional instructor. She has tailored workouts to accommodate my run/bike/swim schedule and lifestyle. As a result, I’m stronger, more flexible, and have better balance. Ali’s passion for fitness and high energy level creates a challenging and fun experience. I recommend her without any reservation.” ~Lori A.

“Her unique background and previous struggles with her own weight and personal fitness help her offer spot-on insight, empathy, and advice straight from the bank of personal experience. As a result, she hears your interests, goals, and fears, internalizes them, and helps you use them to your advantage… Most importantly, Ali’s personal mission is to make people—particularly women—happier and healthier in ways that suit their goals and individual lifestyles.” ~Kelsey C.

“Ali’s coaching enables me to safely work towards and achieve my fitness goals. She asks genuine questions which helps me to better understand and map out what my goals truly are. She helps to break long-term goals down into steps and sets me up for success. Getting to know her was so simple – she’s approachable and instantly encouraging. I immediately felt comfortable sharing concerns and she is always willing to hear my ideas and develop a plan together. The process is collaborative and her consistent support allows me to feel encouraged. I highly recommend Ali. She has the knowledge to coach, the patience to guide and the energy to motivate.” ~Whitney J.

“Before I started working with Ali, I was never consistent with my workouts. I would get bored and lose motivation before I saw any results. Having a trainer to hold me accountable was the motivation I needed to make fitness a habit and get results. And now, I’m proud to say that after training with Ali, I’m the most fit I’ve ever been.” ~Lindsay S.